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Texas City resident, retired.


December 14th, 2045

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Texas City

Seems if the GCDN had opened satellite offices throughout the county, the subscribers might get better coverage of the county and not mostly Galveston coverage.

I guess the bigger question for the owner to answer is "Have his products been medically been proven to be safe for anyone to use?"

Very misleading picture of the container with a different company.

If the city can afford to put sand on a beach, then they should be able to find a way to put an overpass over a railroad. It's not like they are building the preverbal political bridge to an island. They might even get the railroad and users to help with the costs. Getting the right peopl…

I wonder how the raters would be rated if all the School Superintendents had a chance to rate them?

You can design and mitigate anything to be as safe as it can be, but you can't completely eliminate human error, whomever that human or what part of the chain they may be. That's where the real concern should be. Any human error could have catastrophic effects.

What a novel idea. A bridge over the road. Never happen. No one wants to appropriate the money from those who are making the money. Kinda like getting a new bridge to Pelican Island.

Robert Waggoner commented on Life is no longer an unalienable right

The women already have control of their womb and the choice, unless raped, to have sex that got them pregnant. What's lacking is the rights of that person in the womb, born or not.

Growth for some cities is good, but we all pay the price. More concrete and asphalt, flooding, traffic, higher taxes, etc. Before long we will have solid highways, businesses, housing from here to California. Just take traffic. The city and state can't even keep up with highways. Since as…

It appears that you are in favor of sanctuary cities. Are you willing to house, feed, and pay for education, medical expenses, etc for those who move into your city? And what about those who, if they can get to our borders and cross, from Europe and Asia that are having a hard time in the…