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Paula, I lived with government healthcare for 5 years in the UK. Doctors there do NOT treat the patient standing in front of them. Instead, they treat the "average" patient.

If your kid is believed to have strep throat, in the US a simple (and cheap) throat swab is proces…

Mary Gillespie commented on Teachers should educate, not indoctrinate

Laura, Turning Point USA is by no means racist.

Those are accusations flung at it by liberal organizations which disagree with its values and have no valid way of fighting back.

BTW, socialism DOES suck.

Thanks. Missed that

The article fails to take into account that Texas is larger and has more roadways than most of the nation. All other things being equal, we'd be expected to have the most fatalities. Of course, we should continue to work to minimize them.

Doug, you don't know what you're talking about. It's next to impossible to buy a fully automatic weapon in the USA. Since 1986, no American has been able to purchase a new machine gun. Those in circulation before that require special permitting to buy.

As for the mentally…

If the homeowner can't do what he wants with his property, does he really own it?????

Legally, you may be correct about who owns the right of way.

But I reapeat: if you can't do what you want with it, it's not your property.

Chances are 90% or more of traffic signs are located in the city's right-of-way.

The city should just remove the foliage and not wait for homeowners. Homeowners don't REALLY own property in a right-of-way: they can't build anything there or do anything with it.


Amen, Jim!!

Plastic bottles don't cause ocean pollution.

Inconsiderate people who don't properly dispose of their trash are the cause.

Should I be deprived of convenience and forced to tote a reusable water bottle all day because someone else is too stupid to use the trash ca…

The city and schools are completely seperate entities. There is no overlap in their funding or governance.