Ma Gill

Aluminum oxide is an ingredient in TOOTHPASTE and cosmetics. This suit is ridiculous - Alton Todd should be embarrassed he accepted it.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.
RIP, little one. It's not your fault your parents are uncaring idiots.

Agreed!! A few years ago, I wrapped a Beagle Christmas ornament and placed it under the tree. My children were thrilled to know they were getting a puppy or dog, and there was an element of surprise not possible with an actual puppy. The children were able to participate in selecting the pup…

RightWingGal commented on COM must treat its employees better

I'd imagine much of COM's planned move to part-time instruction and use of contract facilities employees is made necessary by the expenses of Obamacare. Ms. Tatum's ire should be directed at the national Democratic party.

Since 1950, all but 1 mass shooting has occurred in a "gun-free" zone. (The lone exception was the Gabrielle Giffords shooting).

The batman shooter didn't pick the theater closest to his house. He picked the one the prohibited its patrons from carrying concealed weapons insi…