Rick Altemose

In an ideal world, Uber would have to abide by the same rules the City of Galveston has imposed upon taxi companies. Or at least, our city manager would be able to work out a deal similar to the one in Houston.

On this planet, though, it goes by who has clout. Houston, a huge market, h…

Just curious why the Daily News buried this story. A murder on Sunday outside DiBella's Restaurant, sorry, I mean the "3100 block of Avenue P," here it is Wednesday, and not a word in the paper - just this electronic version of the Galveston PD press release.

Killer downside to Maxwell's plan? How about "all the property owners along a block would have to agree to have the work done and cover their share of the costs." Pigs will fly first.

From my experience as a community organizer, 10% of property owners can't be contacted at a…

Of course the United Way of Galveston is backing away from its commitment to create a human capital plan for the Galveston Housing Authority - there is no way that an organization with a staff of three could have pulled off this very complicated project, one totally outside their area of ex…

Article says details and menus of participating restaurants are posted on galvnews.com

Couldn't find them