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Congressman Randy Weber is spot on. This administration and many in congress are very weak on manned space exploration. We should have already started assembling a base on the moon. There so much more we can explore and accomplish there. NASA has been totally under funded for many years. The…

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I have a location that is being developed. I will contact the Kriticos tomorrow.

I love drinking various kinds and flavors of beers. Tapology will become one of my favorite haunts. As bonus I live in South Shore. How convenient is that!

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Mr. Allender actually got a job with the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Not UTMB. I am pretty sure the real estate market has nothing in connection with what logo we use. I was on the committee that selected the previous logo.

Dunkin Donuts is supposed to go in next to the new Marina Bay Starbucks.

My daughter and I used to go to the Starbucks across the street from Randall's on Marina Bay Dr. But since it closed after 13 years we will be going the new one across the street from Clear Creek Intermediate on Marina Bay Dr.
There is a reason why there are quite a few Starbucks around…

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My favorite is San Lorenzos 's Taqueria on Marina Bay Dr in League City.

I respect the Tea Party and its positions as I also want tax accountability. I have many friends who are Tea Party members and I have voted for several Tea Party candidates. I am a supporter of Clear Creek ISD also. CCISD has on numerous occasions testified under oath about their finances. T…

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Thank you Heber. I posted this on facebook.

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Thank you Heber. I reposted this on my facebook.