Rich Gray

I am so happy this is happening! The next time I vacation in Galveston I WILL make my third stop at the Johnson Space Center to see this attraction.

Congratulations Dennis. You make things happen in Galveston! When are you going to run for office. And this question comes from one who lives 2000 miles away. What you do in and for Galveston does not go unnoticed!

You report no one saw the collision. I did see the collision on TV (ABC News) as filmed by someone on their smart phone. Are you aware that this footage exists?

Tear Gas? Did it really have to come to this?
I have to wonder just how many good people had to suffer the effects of the chemical just by being at home in their downtown loft apartments?

A Heart Warming good news story! LOVE IT!

Oh my goodness! The next time we cruise out of Galveston, we WILL take the side trip to enjoy T-Bone Tom's! Can't wait!

I am an out of Towner who hopes to retire in Galveston.

Articles like this scare me. Why would I want to live in a area where County officials accept the responsibility for a project but refuse to do anything. To those of you officials, I hope you are proud of yourselves today. By hidi…

My wife and I have made the decision to retire in Galveston when it is time. The gulf is reason number one. UTMB is reason number two! What an awesome medical facility!

I am an avid Galveston County Daily News reader. I read this paper daily and I do not even live in Texas.
Having said that, I am so disappointed in this particular article. Was some one rushed to get this story to press, like within two minutes? And it doesn't even have a reporters name,…

Of course Galveston is a "rising destination". I am an outsider who visits the island. The Pleasure Pier was one of the best things to happen to the island in decades. Galveston.Com is the islands media center in my opinion. I can see daily what is happening on the island. I can wa…