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Since Trump is backed in a corner, I'm sure he will do something to advert our attention away from him. I wouldn't put it past him to call out Iran and put us in an all out war and try to make himself look like a hero that he is far from being. nailed in on the head......Thank you!

I want to see less about the bum!

Ron Binkley commented on Grocery store jolts confidence

Your next lesson will be "learning to tie your shoe laces"

Those boys just need to learn to play better with each other. You team work to run a smooth running ship.

After all these years, the port is finally making some positive decisions and some real money. I say we give them time to finish their master plan before throwing a wrench in the middle of it. nailed it! Very to the point and very understandable. I own two short term rentals in Galveston. Believe me, greed is not a factor. Most STR's don't make you rich. I purchased my first home there to be able to use when I could get down there and also provide a place to send c…

Since 3005 is the only evacuation route, now may be the time to start lobbying to widen the road even if it's just a continuous turn lane the length of the west end. That would at least add another lane for evacuation purposes.

I'm sorry.....I meant Mr. Woods.

Mr.'ve been scammed! You probably should refrain from attending council meetings unless you plan to run for office again.