Robert Braeking

Sorry, Bailey, but the carpet-baggers don't allow changes without federal oversight. It is a slow process and we wouldn't want to put our election process in jeopardy.

Thanks, Carlotte. I wonder if there is any reason why nursing homes cannot build such meeting rooms within their facilities.

Thank you, Bailey

We just lost my mother. She is now free instead of being imprisoned by the nursing home.

Judging from the condition of the stump, this tree was suffering from live oak decline. It would have died anyway but not without infecting other trees in the neighborhood.

Cutting down trees is a landowner's right. The idea that a government can abridge that right is contrary to common sense. What's next??? Getting a permit to cut grass???

We should go back to administrator in Santa Fe. We suffered many years under the thumb of Joe Dixon - city manager from Plano.

As I have observed on newsreels, masks and social distancing are not required during 'peaceful protests'. All MAGA rallies are currently peaceful protests.

Starting in December the need will be even greater. That's 9 months after the lockdown began.

I haven't been in the habit of frequenting drinking establishments, but I am going to start. As for Governor Abbot.......good luck on his continued political career.