Ray Taft

How totally lame. Your answer to Yarbrough screwing over the citizens of Galveston at the last minute is to write that it's another fake Russian hoax?

Democrats are despicable people who care nothing for the people. 'King' Yarbrough's last minute edict closing the beaches caused man…

If the biggest danger is to misbehave and potentially spread COVID-19 by not wearing a mask, ignoring social distancing measures and behaving as if the virus doesn’t exist or isn’t a serious threat, then the Democrats would have stopped the street protests. But they didn’t. They joined in…

Excuse you. PPP frees up funds to pay for your own PPE.

Decades of Democrat-dominated leadership has fostered racial injustice in America. Democrats obstruct racial justice for political purposes.

Vote RED to end it - Remove Every Democrat.

“Let’s give local businesses the resources they need to succeed.” Good idea to help small businesses and people directly, but not indirectly through organizations like Chambers of Commerce.

And speaking of PPP, Woolsey where’s your mask and all your peoples’ masks at TDN?

Voting RED will fix it - Remove Every Democrat!

“Decades of Democrat-dominated leadership.” Caused the problems and allowed the anarchy to happen. The Democrats’ love the chaos on their Democrat run city streets and don’t plan to do anything about it. The Democrats obstruct real change for political purposes.

Voting RED will end …

Thanks. But I can’t take credit for it. It’s Francis Schaeffer's "True Truth" Christian philosophy.

Do any publicly publish their photos daily not wearing a mask, while telling everyone else to wear a mask?

Masks may indeed alter us forever, but apparently not at TDN.

Why is it that Woolsey is the only one portrayed as wearing a mask in TDN.

Is everyone else exempt from Galveston’s rules because their media elites? Don’t the rest of y’all believe you should be wearing a mask?