Raif Smith

Mr Shelby

The local residents voted on the height and density plan several years ago. It was a long discussion With a lot of LOCAL voters input.

Why should the voters will be ignored?

The people who live on this island should be the ones who say what this town should look…

Looks to me like Maxwell is playing politics Galveston style. Maxwell came up with The Great Galveston Seawall Parking Scam. Now he wants to hide behind Big Jim

I have a friend in the Clear Lake area who would argue "choices" She changed her tune when she lost her health insurance and learned how a lot of people have to live.

Tax payers subsidize businesses with food stamps, housing, etc. Business should pay a living wage.

I he…

What does your post have to do with a living wage?

I think all businesses should make a profit. However if they can't pay a living wage, they should not hire people

If all business pay a living wage, they have a level playing field.

Then the tax payers would not have to subsidize businesses with food stamps, housing, etc

I …

She touched a nerve?

But what if they used armed Cessna !50?

The town of Galveston does not need a mine resistant truck. I believe the chief told the city council it was for protection for his men going to a swat situation. Now it is needed in case the bad boys have automatic weapons. When have the police come under attack going to a swat situation? I…

Same old drivel. This is the last post of carlosponce I wli read. Heis so unhinged