Pete Nanos

Why would anyone oppose voter ID? And why is it that only one party is opposed to voter ID? I think we all know why.

Flawed men with the wisdom to put together a document meant to be used to address our flaws are now being demonized by short sighted people who don't have a clue that this is, by far, the greatest country on earth.

Yep, it all happened under Biden. That's all we need to know.

Wonderful that we live in a country where even really "smart" people can write an article and get it published in a local paper. Lucky you didn't have to pass an IQ test. The facts you deny have even been acknowledged by the left.

Sorry Jim, but I don't accept that this is somehow a widespread problem, but I do accept that the left will be stuffing ballot boxes. Requiring someone to vote some way in a primary doesn't mean your personal information is given out or readily available. If it's that easy to get, call me…

This editorial sure has the markings of a political hack. Who would go to all the trouble to look up and call only certain people? How do they know what political party they are associated with? How do they know that they are not crossover votes? Why are there so few calls verified before…

I second that, Steve.

Two days and still crickets on Biden. Really pathetic. Not even one thing.

Really, Mike? Noticed even you couldn't come up with even one positive thing to say about what Biden has done. I think we both know where the BS is coming from.

This should prove very enlightening to those who may have been wondering about voting for Biden. Not one positive thing all day.