Paula Morris

My thoughts exactly

Well said, David Hardee. If Neely's family members are concerned about him to the point of contacting civil rights attorneys, why weren't they concerned enough before the arrest to provide him with shelter?

Well said and I wholeheartedly agree!! Especially about the RV park!!!

Excellent summary!!

I was there as well. Other topics discussed were the Ike Dike and flooding in Galveston. I thought Senator Larry Taylor made some really good points about the Ike Dike benefits to the region (particularly the ship channel and the petrochemical industry). By contrast, Mayor Yarborough pretty …

Thanks, George. AGREED!

yes they were.

Well, I hope it's more effective than the work that was done on 51st street.

I am an employee at Texas A&M Galveston who works closely with college students. I attended last night's rally as a conscientious objector and because I was curious to see if Beto would talk about anything that wasn't covered in the debate. I took notes and have the following comments:<…

I had an interesting conversation with a handful of female college students at Art Walk recently who were wearing Beto buttons. Not one of the four could tell me what he's for or against, but they admitted they like him because he's "cute". I believe there is some research showing…