Paula Flinn

Using Enya song, “Only Time,” to advertise Mac & Cheese? I liked the American Express commercials (back of girl playing violin) the first 20 times I heard it. When it comes on now, I am saying, “Oh, No, not again!”

Are you tired of , “Somebody burned down my she- shed”?

Make the perpetrators pay, not the taxpayers, to recover their losses. That’s Ridiculous and completely unfair and incompetent! This miscarriage of justice just feeds corruption! It will happen again as sure as the sun rises and sets.

“Even in the worst of times...our Lord preserves some good.”

Thanks for the charming story about two tough (and lucky) “guys” named Katz.

Lies, lies, lies, like last night when Trump promised New Mexicans that the government was going to spend “trillions” in their state. Meanwhile, Trump is “stealing” money from the military to fund his wall.

Trump is the RINO: ran up a record deficit, pretended to be conservative w…

Great article, Angela Wilson. We know that children like to “belong” to something. In my day, there was Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc. Now because of families having to work, some teens turn to gangs. We need to have enough wholesome places for our children to congregate and activities for…

Preservation of our wetlands is exceedingly important!

Carlos, I believe Sen. McCain was concerned that thousands of people would have lost their only healthcare plan (the ACA) without a GOP replacement plan that would serve them as well. The GOP plan was lacking in some way.

Clearly, some people find it burdensome to be kind and considerate.

So, if it was such a good healthcare plan, Carlos, why did Sen. John McCain give it a thumbs down? How many people would have lost their healthcare and not qualified for the GOP plan had Sen. McCain given it a thumbs up? There was a very good reason Sen. McCain voted against it.

Mueller was not looking for collusion. He was looking for conspiracy. He said that in his TV interview after Mr. Barr gave his misrepresentation of Mueller’s written report. I am not sure why Don, Jr. and Jared Kushner were not interviewed. To me, these crimes were as bad as Watergate. Th…