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How about this label, "Obama, the most unqualified president in the history of the United States." Also, consider this label,"Obama, the most racially biased president in the history of the United States."

It appears that the last superintendent, Larry Nichols, left things in a mess, many schools in need of academic improvement and buildings in need of repair. And yet, he was one of the highest paid superintendents in the county. How did this happen? Seemingly, there was a lack of account…

Here's how you fix the problem. You put in a stronger academic proram that meets the needs of students where they are functioning. You retrain teachers and have meaningful tutoring during the day and after school.

How do I know it will work? I dd it for 10 years as Asst. Supt. In…

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Your letter was spot-on, Phylis. We are not focusing on the real problems in this country. This fine was, indeed, but another example of political correctness. Hopefully, the new administration in DC will restore common sense to America.

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Ms. Swenson did a great job in summarizing what is happening in our country all in the name of justice. People who riot and harm others and property are not interested in justice. They want revenge.

I might add, that in addition to teaching your children that the police officer is…

The people in the area should be pleased with the expansion of St. John's Methodist to serve their medical needs. Last year my brother spent several months in both St. John's and Clear Lake Regional. The care he received at St. John's was far superior to Clear Lake Regional.

Terri Watkins is strategically getting ready to submit her application for the vacancy in GISD. That payment to LMISD was a hurdle that she needed to jump.

Beware GISD! She sued you in federal court back around 2002 and lost. She then appealed the decision and lost that. She was o…

This was lovely! What a beautiful Christmas tradition that reflected a beautiful life.

Well said, Donna.

As for the comment about Hands up, I would only add that maybe we need to tell young men of color to keep their hands in their pockets unless they are:
taking money out to pay for something
trying to help someone
praying, working, or reading a book.

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I studied Deming in grad school and think that education could benefit from adopting some of his plan.

Having said that, I am a proponent of continuous testing as part of the circular curriculum model : plan, teach, test, and based on what that testing indicates, reteach.

To …