Mick, sorry I am confused
You have posted xxx times on this issue. Clearly it’s all about this election.
You are the campaign finance manager for Jason Long.
Please tell us why should we vote for your candidate..

It is a simple question.

Please, focus and giv…

Just a thought:
League City could be first in nation to promote an annual "Tax-Free Ammo Day" (or Week) sponsored by ???

Just more silly stuff... Some folks just have too much free time.

Mick, I love a good quote and thanks for the reminder. Here is a link to a few more quotes and articles folks may find helpful. .

Questions have been raised about Tommy Cones past actions as city councilman.

If interested just make a quick and simple search of Google and arch…

In many cases, council’s steering force has been the out-sourced city attorney. Actions and advice from City Attorneys has been much of the problem. Several very expensive lawsuits with costs to the city of nearly two million $$ could have been settle before they started with ver…

By the way, have you been following the Centerpoint Energy /League City/NRG litigation? Most documents are on-line at Galveston County Clerks Civil Court records. Attorney of Record Arnold Polanco.

Who really owns the old Webster Power Plant Discharge Canal? You know this…

Mick, you usually have the answers before you ask the question.

Why not look at the pay schedule for Texas Attorney General Staff Attorneys (seasoned litigators) and the District Attorney Staff before you make broad conclusions?

Why not look at top municipal/governmental at…

Such weak reporting I just don't know where to start. Maybe latter.

If anyone in LC has interest I suggest they watch the reruns of the meeting on Channel 16.

Speaking of fleas, did anyone hear the comments about Dick Gregg (the Senior) and his conflicts of interest while servi…

The agenda as posted is misleading. This agenda item includes two proposed contracts for Gregg and Gregg. The first is the Prosecution Contract and the second is an Addendum to this contract regarding other services to be provided by G&G. The Prosecution Contract limits the number of…

Mr. Ewend
I guess your comment of “JUST THER FACTS MAAM!” somehow was to suggest your comments would be factual or that you are stick- to- the-FACTS kind of guy.

I failed to see facts in your comments about Councilmen Becker/O'Keefe. Rather than an fact based comment it had the l…