Bill Broussard

I can hear Brian Maxwell now: this is why we need more Marshals!

I do own it you bitter apostate

“ 55pm

Chanting? Who posted that? Oh, yes,, Bill Broussard. 😊”

Was this bizarre comment meant to imply that I beg for rice at airports while dancing in saffron robes and with a bald head?

In catholic school the teach one not to mix metaphors. Chanting -as in Gregorian- i…

Elephants don’t forget even if it’s selective, Carlos

Interesting. What did she die if Carlos?

Anybody who thinks CNN'S crew of Don Lemon, the "Luv Gov's brother, Gupta, and that "Freak" Legal Adviser who GOT CAUGHT WITH his hands in a bad place while being on the air,.. & who also works for CNN, .. are honest and fair with the news,....are being disingenuous, and willi…

Another example of misinformation

“ Washington insiders told us that Nancy Pelosi was heard chanting while wildly dancing on a toilet seat in the Capitol women’s restroom with the stall door closed saying “ I hope Ponce’s god takes a child from a Red State. It would be good for my a…

Carlos: here’s example to help you in your quest for reality

Example of reality:

1) The child’s parents were unvaccinated

2) the child came down with Covid symptoms and died within 8 hours of showing symptoms

3) Given her age, she most likely caught Covid from her …

Christine. I’m sorry but citizens United is but a smudge in a very dirty mirror

Just for the sake of clarity, I went to catholic school from kindergarten through high school. Was an officer in our CYO and on the diocesan level. Belonged to the Newman Club through college. Those are my credentials along with being an alter boy and having a saintly mother who taught ca…