Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, unfortunately you are correct.

- over $100 million for the Alamo

- over $40 million for Juneteenth

- Rollover pass received $10 million


Nice article by Mr. Woolsey, but waiting for legislature to be in session is to…

I would like to thank the Editors of GDN for not releasing the name of the group. These hate groups are insignificant in number, but thrive on the publicity they receive. We can not ignore their existence, but there is little reason to provide a forum for them to potentially recruit.


Way to notice the difference between sincere effort and using the pandemic as an excuse.

Mr. Pappous, unlike many taxes the law states how the HOT must be spent. The Park Board submits an annual audit to the City and an elected official sits on the Park Board and is involved in the Budget Approval process.

No one has even implied the Park Board has spent money inappropr…

Mr. Broussard thus the elephant in the room is announced. Add in the apparent disdain between City and Park Board staff and one realizes this has little to do with law.

Per capita income in Galveston County is approximately $40,000. Two professionals making six times that amount (ov…

Mr. Collins, my main point is how the two highest paid professionals in the City allowed an issue that was a non-factor to reach this level. An incredible amount of time and money has been wasted creating an issue where there is not one.

The City Council has a member on the Board th…

Mr. Jones, I sincerly am saddened that you believe calling individuals names is civil discourse. You and I have often disagreed on many issues, but I have always respected your opinions and thoughts until now.

I would wonder if Jefferson's words were spoken directly or intentionally…

My question is why does the Daily News print letters like this. While I may agree with the author, beginning with name calling violates the standards the Daily News has established for its own comments from readers.

The oldest newspaper in Texas was established to build, educate and…

Since the City Council has a member on the Parks Board, to act as though the City Council has no knowledge or has not participated in Park Board Budget Management is a bit disingenuous (?) and misleading.


One fact never changes. There are only so many miles of Gulf Coast. Galveston being one hour from Houston gives it a huge advantage.

The most afgordable best place to live on the Gulf.