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That is a cool story! Thanks!!!

Hear! Hear! Could go on and on, but why?

Hear! Hear!

Mr. Smith, I agree with many of your sentiments, but question the idea that this is because of a certain Governor or Lieutenant Governor is absurd. The belief that any one party is more pure than the other is one that left my thoughts several years ago. Until individuals stop believing wh…

Having been involved in my adult children's education from birth I am saddened that private organizations and government entities are utilizing valuable resources on tasks that should be completed by parents. That being the case, having worked with rural, suburban and urban schools from 1…

WOW! 1. That someone actually sent said letter. 2. That no one can acknowledge the letter. 3. That no one will address the letter at an open meeting at a citizen's request. If the letter was unauthorized and this is a scam I would hope that prosecutors track down the originator and charge…

Hear! Hear!

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Carlos, I admire your persistence. I just can not even do this anymore. Individuals that do not research and only believe what the Democrat Party Media report. Carry on and my prayers for your efforts!

From my perspective, thanks for the facts that you present!

Mr. Jones, there is some truth to what you are saying, but in many areas specifically coastal communities the need is for those that are serving our community and making well above minimum wage. First Responders, teachers, etc. all need a place to call home.

Minimum wage is a starting …

Hear! Hear!

Thanks for the common sense Mr. Smith!