Brad Gulick

Please quit pointing fingers. A child's life has been lost. That's all that matters right now.

The City is Council is more worried about Kitty Cats than meat eating Coyotes.
5 dogs were killed in the Back Bay area. They are running out of small dogs. And children are next. The mayor will wait until we have a human attacked. Their food source is running out.

Heber, you and I agree on this recognition. Juneteenth finally, brought freedom for all to America. It is the only time, in world history, that one race, in one country, fought against each other, to free another race. I also believe that this fact should be noted. But not a footnote. <…

oldsaltydog commented on Galveston ISD has a plan

No tax increases. If the school taxes go up - I will cancel my subsrciption to the GCDN.
Be careful of what you ask for Heber.

Boycott San Antonio

Go to Buc-ee's

Comcast (communist cast???) Xfinity is horrible, in my opinion. I have traveled around the world and have had better cable service in 3rd world countries. Galveston needs and deserves capitalist competition with a land line cable provider competitor.
Until that happens we are slaves t…

oldsaltydog commented on Council’s inaction speaks volumes

Officers WBB & paPPous - "Nothing to see here, move it along, move it along, Nothing to see here on the Financial disaster called Paid Seawall Parking.."
Monies are diverted from promoting tourism to turning
Galveston's (Police) Finest into Seawall Parking Meter Maids…

Hey Galveston Island, how is that Global Warming Hoax, Fake and Fraud working out for you.

Let's see the Galveston Chamber of Commerce was HUGE supporter. Let's ask them to start explaining. Where are they NOW?????
The latest example of the Culture of Corruption at Galveston's City Hall. Mayor walks out of discussion of the issue so he doesn't have to expose his vote. Pat…

Yo Yo Yo Sweeet Sue La rue what was IKE a Pool Party?
Fact 53% of American people live within 50 miles of the coast line. I am voting my wallet.
Sweet Suzy, did you know that there was suppose to be an impact study, prior to implementation of the law? OPPS ! Never happened.