Willis Briggs

oldblue commented on No facts, just blarney

I don't know if there is voter fraud or not but what would it hurt for everyone to show ID proof before voting?
Seems the liberals are the ones making the noise about proper ID to vote.


"the only thing you find in the middle of the road is road kill, head on collisions, and at times a yellow stripe"

All perceived as a warning to tread carefully.

oldblue commented on A house divided cannot stand

Me thinks the Reverend is stuck in about 1970. It is no longer Lincoln High School, only the former LHS. [whistling]

Roberto, as your hero said in 2009 "we won, you lost". Get over it. [beam]

Gotcha politics in action.[whistling]

and I thought I had a low opinion of Al Gore. [whistling]

oldblue commented on The legacy and economics

Well stated, and timely. [thumbup]

oldblue commented on Trump has no mandate

Just as Mr. Obama said after the 2008 election, I won, you lost, get over it. [wink]

oldblue commented on Trump has no mandate

Mr. Smith could always go to Bolivia or some other similar great South American country where the one with the most votes is president even if they are not real votes.[whistling]