Willis Briggs

Sounds like Emile admitted he has been had. [whistling]

Must be selective forgetfulness.[wink]

Roberto, after reading your postings for some time now, I never thought I would hear you say anything negative about liberal Democrats. I think we might be able to have a civil conversation in spite of my conservative leaning. [thumbup]

"touche" [thumbup][thumbup]

Only team in MLB history to win a pennant in both leagues. [thumbup][thumbup]

If you will read Jack's article at least twice, you should understand his perspective. Because of his age and experience (he has been there and done that), Jack, as many others including myself , were educated in a different time that believed in the thought that knowledge of the past could …

If someone is going to commit murder, I doubt another law is going to enter their mind (providing they have one).[wink]



Willis Briggs commented on Trump is America's president

ZZZZZZZ!!! [sleeping]