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You assume all those who are disenfranchised are unemployed.

People who want to have the legal benefits of being in a long term relationship, for example, are often productive members of society simply seeking equal standing under the law.

There is a difference between advocating…

Agreed. When I finish work, I can take off my nametag and feel free to go out and say my opinion over a beer.... and I enjoy a good political debate. Even with introductions, though, there is more of an anonymous nature in a person to person discussion.

The very public and permanent …

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Once upon a time, many years ago, I was instructed at work to call the Fire Marshall if needed. We had a problem:
A patient insisted on smoking in the hospital despite repeated warnings from nurses, doctors, administrators and nuns (she cussed out the last one).
When I observed her p…

I think that the Law of Unintended Consequences may come into play here.

It's doesn't take making an offensive comment to offend someone.

While some may not need to worry about employment consequences, others might.

While I may advocate for a pro-choice position, I do not w…

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George Wallace ran on a racist platform, refusing to integrate schools in the south.

And, as you note, he did NOT run as a Democrat. Nor did he win.

1968 saw the assassination of MLK and riots all over the country. Johnson wasn't allowed to attend the landmark DNC because of as…

Great guy, wonderful family.

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"No, most of the Southern Democrats eventually died off. "

Most everyone who was alive during the voting for the Dyer bill you list have, indeed, died off. There might be a few centurions left.... but that wasn't what changed party affiliation. That change happened in the …

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You seem awfully hung up on which party represented racism at the turn of the last century.

Following the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s, most southern Democrats turned Republican.

I have an odd but fortunate tendency to do Premonitory Maintenance. Once, in a rental property, I insulated the pipes..... just before a terrible ice storm and freeze.

I had my trees trimmed scant weeks before Ike.

And yesterday morning I climbed on the roof and cleaned out the …

And corn wouldn't exist at all without human intervention. Carrots were originally purple and most cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, Brussel Sprouts...) were derived from one base plant strain.

What's your point?

That it's better? Worse?

Still safer than that sy…