Evelyn Clark

mytoby3113 commented on Just comply with the officers

I want to know why the officer felt he had to put her in jail; I just don't understand that part.

you people sure showing your hate for the other person.. [sad]

Thank you Mr. Smith.

mytoby3113 commented on Obama didn’t elect himself

This site is not for everybody, it is only for loyal of the Rep. rants. I just refused to go along with all of these so call know it al. When the Bushes played GOLF it was OK . PEACE TO ALL [smile]

mytoby3113 commented on Columnist’s wife now speaks

I guess it is OK for the 3 men (musketeers) to have frieedom of lies and speech. I thought the GDN was for everybody.


mytoby3113 commented on A living wage is good for all

That reason to increase the wages . Lets try it, they all might like it.

mytoby3113 commented on Everyone must be treated fairly

Susan has my househole votes

I did not know that the city pays for the councilmembers , and their signficant others. to dine and intertaine a person seeking a job. Do the spouses have a say on who is being picked for that position.

The city should take Mr. Maxwell and his significate out , just be fair …

Quale should have known how to spell ( POTATO, POTATOES ) why did they have that simple word on card board for him. He still should have known BETTER and thats all there is to it .