Harvey Mueller

And what might that website be? Is this a big secret? There were 720 lucky ones but no help for anyone else to make future appointments.

Elizabeth - Perhaps if the Governor would rely on medical professionals and local officials rather than run it all from Austin. Why was there a sudden push to get doses out immediately rather than use the system in place.

Shutting down businesses to halt the spread forces people to gather in the few remaining *allowed* businesses. The inept rules only concentrate people and doesn't spread them apart - the exact opposite of it's intended purpose.

15% huh? So if the number of hospitalizations increased SIXfold, yes 6X , we'd be at 90% and still under capacity. Where is the scientific evidence that the trigger needs to be at 15%? This makes no sense whatsoever. And shutting down businesses only concentrates people in the few lucky o…

I absolutely agree Doug.

Lawdy Lawdy. Someone is offended yet again.

Absolutely David Shea. I too am Republican but Abbott is off his rocker or he's been bought by somebody.

If bars are indeed such a hotbed of covid spreading in the wee hours, why not limit to 25% and shut em down w liquor stores at 9 pm? Or even dove hunting hours ... 30 min after s…

They were sued over the choice of flower beds? Absolutely ridiculous! What is the need that these HOA's are filling? Maintain yards? NO. Keep up mailboxes? NO. Maintain fences? NO. Maintain roofs and paint? NO. I see nothing. Outrageous dues and they do absolutely nothing for homeowners. …