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This whole thread has strayed from the original topic brought up by Paul Schnitger.

DoD. Definition of Done. It's the very heart of every project and is often ignored. When can we say the statewide shutdown has served it's purpose and we can get back to our daily lives. Is it no new…

So we're doomed. Nothing can be done because it has never been done. I do not agree with that doomsday thinking.

Why is there anecdotal evidence that chloroquine has provided relief for some people with severe cases? Someone was willing to try it In the absence of approved drug regi…

OK now we shelter in place as of Tues midnight. the wife is end stage renal. That means kidney failure and requires regular dialysis treatments every M-W -Fri. So how do I get her to dialysis? Do I need a permit tag? Is it enough to say we're heading to dialysis if stopped by Galv Co Sher…

Henry and Keiser are acting on facts and reasoning rather than the herd mentality of all around. I believe they are right in that businesses can only be closed by declaring martial law. What 'leader' bankrupts their city? We'll see which approach worked better in the next 60 days.

I think you're saying city of Galveston and does not cover Galveston County.

Great story. While the hordes fight over toilet paper and hand sanitizer, American ingenuity steps up and comes up with a solution. Thank you for stepping up.

Is this on the island only or does it extend county wide?

Re-read the story. She-Jack will be there. She just cannot resist a photo-op.

Exactly Randy. It's the ME first syndrome. Bully your way thru a 4 way stop out of turn. Weave in and out of traffic to get 1 car length ahead. But be sure to tout the virtues of slow traffic keep right which is only a coverup for yall get over and out of MY way. Glad you included ...and …

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Wow!!! All this indignation over walking Mr Neely a repeat offender 2 blocks. literally 2 flippin blocks.