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mojospeeps commented on Pelican Island Bridge to be closed

Who: Fugro.
What: bridge closing.
When: today
Where: Pelican Island bridge


Might this be associated with the anticipated new bridge to Pelican Island that would enable Port of Galveston to expand capacity?

Anybody know anything as to why this …

mojospeeps commented on Flames destroy Bayou Vista home

The reporter totally missed the story here.

This house could have been saved but for the ineffectiveness of the Bayou Vista Fire Dept. They couldn't get water on the fire for a ridiculously long time and the house sat there and burned

Unfair? When you find feathers where there used to be a canary, it's fair to take a long thorough look at the cat.

COM is so mismanaged, every few months someone has to sue them because they fouled up again. Their HR dept. seems not to have a clue about employment law.

I was a …