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Mojo Boogie

So, how does Randy feel about folks dissing Obama? Oh give me a break!

Cool stuff. Soooo what is UTMB doing to help the un-,or under-insured on the island.

How old was this child?

[unsure] Once again, the downtown dwellers have been thrown under the bus by city hall.

Chris Ham is a good guy. The one telling event is that he saw ab urgent situation, and dealt with it in a way to avoid loss of life-immediatley. I hope he is well.

Even if liability is proven, this lawsuit should not award over 5 figures.Including atty fees and hospital. Was the guy intoxicated? Did the bartender over-serve to get this guy stupid?

They keep rodents in check.If enough cats are caught and fixed, the population of feral cats will decline.Simple logic.I'd much rather put up with stray cats than stray rodents/snakes any day.

You took the words right out of my mouth.