Michelle Aycoth

Michelle Aycoth commented on Grand Parkway should not be a toll road

I agree ! Andrew Aycoth

If they vote not to build this is going to slow growth in League City. Andrew Aycoth

The Democrats are giving away the presidential election and are no in touch enough with reality to realize it. Andrew Aycoth

Climate change has been occurring since before man walked on earth. Andrew Aycoth

It was an excellent event hosted by League City, fireworks were awesome, best grand finale I have ever seen ! Andrew Aycoth

Sounds like a big tax increase coming. Andrew Aycoth

But if you don’t go to higher levels of education how will the Liberals be able to brainwash you ? Andrew Aycoth

Time to pull out of the deal when they start shaking down tax payers for subsidies. Look a Cabelas, do not think that store will make it and we have tax payer money to fund that. Andrew Aycoth

Higher permit fees, more impact fees,and higher drainage standards will slow down home building in League City. Me for one does not think that is a bad thing. Now do not issue any more MUDs and PIDs, those are just another tax on homeowners and are not managed correctly and ripe for corru…

Need to think about increasing detention size of existing neighborhoods and businesses developments. Also need to look at re-designing roads county wide that act like dams. Andre Aycoth