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Thank you, O’Laochdha. When I was a teacher and school administrator, I believed in leading by example. I continue to do that everyday of my life. Civility is very underrated these days. I appreciate your kind words.

Thank you to the voters of Galveston Island & Bolivar Peninsula for believing in my message and me.

Thank you, Mr. Ken Jencks for your service, as a GISD Trustee. You were truly a gentleman during the duration of our, mutual, campaign. The citizens of District 7-G are grateful t…

Mr. Schlessinger,
Do you know Lisa Blair?
Have you done due diligence to back up your accusation that Mrs. Blair is the owner of that beach property that has been at the center of much controversy? I think not. Lying about a persons character on the GDN forum may be considered slanderous.

Some people are so engrossed in themselves that they fail to see that the entire area effected by Hurricane Harvey is devastated. To them, damnit get over yourselves, it's only a newspaper!

I'm sure that the Sunflower still has their awesome yogurt for its diehard fans!

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I, too, read and re-read the commentary. The one thing that many of us, probably, can agree on is that nobody wants to pay more taxes. That being said, personally, I want to see our wonderful 175+ year old city thrive and continue to progress.
I'm at an age now that I like to reminisce …

Thank you for encouraging the residents of our Island to join together, across the political spectrum, for the betterment of our Island city.

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Don, you nailed it!
I'm a card carrying AARP member on a fixed income as well. I am by no means affluent and am not jumping for joy to pay more taxes, but unlike you, Mr. Stanford, I do live in Galveston & love my, adopted, city.
I would bet money that if your house was crumblin…

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Galveston is my home, by choice.
Nobody enjoys paying excessive amounts of money for taxes, but as someone from the northeast, I can tell you that the property taxes in Galveston County pale in comparison to back home. In addition to property tax, I've also paid state income taxes, some…

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I know that your rhetoric is indicative of the smoke, mirrors & innuendo of the times.
Old cities & old homes require lots of non-discretionary funds to maintain them. We live in a city that has both.
One doesn't need to be an engineer or a genius to understand that 100+ ye…