Mike Zeller

Eventually we will all learn what Trump was about. In the coming years when books are written and these culprits begin to die off, the truth will emerge. It would be nice if we could hear from some of the inner-circle witnesses now, but that's not gonna happen. History will not be kind to…

Obama, Obama, Obama,...Hillary, Hillary, Hillary...Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...getting Old, Old, Old...[yawn],[yawn],[yawn]

Definition of a Republican Tea Party Racist - GARY MILLER

PF you are 100% correct. Believe Lev Parnas, follow the money.

Gary, thank you for "Just posting the obvious".

"We should show the president more respect" WHY ?

The 2016 Blue Wave, to be continued ...........

Trump has been Impeached, PERIOD! There is nothing Carlos Ponce can do or say to change that outcome. As Mulvaney would say "Get Over It". Nancy Pelosi will dictate when it is time to proceed, and there is nothing Mitch McConnell can do until she says, Mitch, you may proceed.

Bailey Jones [thumbup]

Mike Zeller commented on The Daily News should've known better

If a low information voter wants to send a "Letter to the Editor" about something he heard on Hannity, so be it. It's not the job for The Daily News to protect a Dumbass.