Mike Zeller

Dan, looks like you're comment is filled with a bunch of facts. Good for you! Leave the alternative facts for those who want to spin, THE facts.

Lisa Gray, I guess you didn't read the Paul Hyatt comment that Emile was referring to, and I guess Paul has no walls at his home holding up the roof over his head.

I believe the President when he said he would be "PROUD" to shut down the government. I don't believe Carlos Ponce and his buddy Jethro.[smile]

Mueller is running a tight ship, no leaks. Carlos, "You don't know what you don't know" and Gary, yes, the Hannity spin has infected many on this forum.

The guy in the White House is getting just what he wants, distraction. When the Mueller report becomes public, The Wall will be the least of his problems.


Wayne Holt do you remember this " Mexico will pay for the wall".

"An eye for an eye" The 36 extra years he was able to breathe on this earth, was about 35 too many.

Keep those predictions coming. I'm keeping a special Carlos list, so far your 0 for 2. In the last election the Republicans failed to keep control of the House and there WAS a Democrat Blue Wave, coast to coast. I'll keep you updated, from time to time, on how you are doing. First update [t…

Ray, 9 out of 10 times, I skip over his comments.