Mike Box

Not sure why we need more "Beach Access" signs that point to dead ends. I drove down to the west end yesterday and tried to walk on the beach. Every "Beach Access" I stopped at was just a subdivision with "Private Property" signs on every possible access point. Anyone know why there's no …

Thanks for another great column!

Great columns. Thanks!

Let's celebrate the fact that the rule of law was followed and build from there. Or maybe we just build a long hierarchy of laws and then we can say "no you can't cite me for not mowing my lawn until you cite him for not repairing his siding" or "you can't arrest me for burglary until you…


Don't know who planted the new palms, but thank you, they look great! More of the same would be wonderful!

Michael why would we want to build affordable homes and beg people to move here? To sell newspapers? I'm not concerned about those who live elsewhere and might be enticed to come here. I'm concerned with my city. Why is Galveston more expensive than living on the mainland? Prices don't …

Congratulations Paco! Welcome home!


Yes! Isn't that the idea behind zoning??