Melody Oelze

Dolph-this is wonderful article. Thanks so much for sharing. We all need to hear these type of stories and remember that it is about the greater good of our country as a whole that makes this country the best it can be.

Beautiful piece of history and worth saving!

Dan-well done!

Rev Daniels,
Thanks so much for having the courage to write this article. Our country needs more good people to do the right thing in this very devisive and hateful time in our history.

Wayne, this is a great article. Hopefully your concerns will be heard now that the noise levels in our wonderful little city are back to normal.

This is fantastic! Yet another wonderful way GHF is preserving and saving our city’s rich and diverse history.

Thanks Marissa! So does this mean that future conversion or construction of a garage apartment would be banned since it would create a 2-unit/duplex situation?

David-so happy to hear you are running! District 3 needs a councilman that works for the people of his district. A coucilman that listens, responds timely, and has integrity and respect for this very important job within our city government. We are looking forward to helping with your campaign!