Marc Edelman

Responsible development. I like it.

I think you may have transposed the numbers, it is 5.1 billion dollars


We need to return our power grid to a regulated oligopoly. The rate payers are worse off since deregulation. It worked here previous to GW Bush deregulating it, and in other states it currently works well. De regulation is a fail and this last week is proof positive of that!

The geotube in front of Pirates Beach and Pirates Beach West worked really well until it was destroyed in a hurricane. I wonder why another Geotube has not been discussed?

defunding the police is ridiculous

Tommy, I am glad you are back on your feet.

Now people who are not entitled to unemployment insurance will be filing for the free money. I hope they are not charging the employers for the loss without due process.

My mother was right!

I am flabbergasted that this opinion cost $10,000.00 Why would an opinion cost that much. Let's assume the attorney charges $500 per hour, that is 20 hours to read the charter and write an opinion. Does that sound right?