Marc Edelman

The geotube in front of Pirates Beach and Pirates Beach West worked really well until it was destroyed in a hurricane. I wonder why another Geotube has not been discussed?

defunding the police is ridiculous

Tommy, I am glad you are back on your feet.

Now people who are not entitled to unemployment insurance will be filing for the free money. I hope they are not charging the employers for the loss without due process.

My mother was right!

I am flabbergasted that this opinion cost $10,000.00 Why would an opinion cost that much. Let's assume the attorney charges $500 per hour, that is 20 hours to read the charter and write an opinion. Does that sound right?

City council should vote as a majority of citizens wish. Unfortunately, it is very common for 30 people to show up and intimidate Council.

Anytime a person is killed it is a tragedy. However, here lately, it seems people have no respect for the law or authority. We must all reject this assault against law enforcement. The police are not the enemy, they are the protectors of our community. The police deserve our respect and s…

No punishment is enough for this crime. Prayers to the Molis family.

I just don't see how we can even begin to consider building more libraries until we can assure every resident of League City that their house will not flood in the next heavy 6 hour rain storm.