Mary Ellen Brennan

That empty planter waiting for Spring is an accident waiting to happen!

meb3 commented on A tale of two foundations

Well done Prof Freeman!

Congratulations to Mr. Pickett for a well deserved award of recognition of his many years protecting our beaches.

Am I the only one who wondered, why are the Surfriders honoring a man holding a 'private beach' sign in the picture on the front page. After reading approximately 45 colum…

Well done, SueEllen Brown! Congressman Weber has never asked many of us what our opinion is on any subject. How can he be representing his constituents?

What an inspiring, uplifting column Rev. Smith! You should write more often, thoroughly enjoyed reading 'we love life in Galveston' Putting my flip flops on and taking a ride to the beach!

@ sverige1. I certainly hope your work for world peace is practisied with a higher standard than your post here. The boy was at the bus stop to protect his sister. His response to take a BB gun to protect both he and his sister, was not good judgement. However, unless you were on the rece…

Thank you Pepper Montague!

Enjoyed your column this morning. Because both of our parents are buried in NJ, we don't have the opportunity to place flowers. Solved that problem by calling the local florist there and placing an order for each of their special days.

RIP Congresman Brooks. The world has lost a wonderful man who always put "the people" first.

In response, I would like to quote my wise niece, who posted the following on Facebook :

If you are Jewish, feel free to wish me a
“Happy Hanukkah”

If your are Christian, you can wish me a
“Merry Christmas”

If you are African American/Canadian wish me a
“Joyous …