mark jones

What is it with the city? These are fundamentals.

It seems the city is not in compliance more often than not.

The Strand historic area has preserved buildings and should be for families, not organizers. The Strand should remain free of entry fees and vendors as a new rule. Businesses should never have vendors in front of them. Parades are the heart and soul of Mardi Gras and they should continue …

The Galveston Historic Foundation is in favor of Dean having parties in the historic district and banners all over historic buildings. Stuffed bears are issued citations. The chamber of commerce is supposed to advocate for local businesses, but they are in favor of Dean charging to get in…

So taxpayers and tourists must pay Yaga's to enter businesses on The Strand. People are happy about that? The city can place vendors from out-of-town in front of local businesses. People are happy about that? Motorcycle events can go from one weekend to let's say three or four weekends on…

Taxpayers must pay Mike Dean to enter public streets and people are happy? Motorcycle Rally stays on The Strand and people are happy? Let's go ahead and establish three more motorcycle rallys while the pan is hot.

The motorcycle event stays in downtown Galveston. People are happy for that?

Galveston citizens must pay Mike Dean to enter their own public streets. People are happy for that?

The Seawall parades are a good example of mardi gras fun. There are no gated or paid areas and it seems to work fine. Having parades downtown is a good idea, the fees and entertainment can be moved to a better area.

Loud motorcycles and large banners are everywhere in the Historic District for the motorcycle event. A stuffed bear named Truffles is not.