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And, given her column, a very fine educator at that!!

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Commercials aren't to think....Commercials are to ...BUY. BUY BUY... and the 5th Ave clowns who dream these things up don't care if they annoy ....the just want us to remember the product name and subliminally reach for it on the shelf, or order it online...or whatever.
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In the interest of fairness, let's be a little more precise about our verbs.
The Sullivan interests may receive a Billion or so under the "Wall" contracts, but they are not likely to "earn" anything like that, in the sense of profit that is left over after labor, mate…

Why not an elected County attorney, as so many other Texas Counties have?
We got into the fix years ago when the then District Attorney felt it better to concentrate on criminal matters. The County then set up a County Legal office, which in the main worked very well.
Until Mark Hen…

As Paul Harvey used to to say on the radio...."The Rest of the Story."
The Mexican government actually thought about the proposals in the Zimmerman Telegram, but ultimately rejected them. After their generals looked at the "deal" there were the following reasons.

Leonard....Can we disagree and still be civil? It's one thing to disagree with Judge Ellisor's decision. It is another to accuse him of "insulting" the people of this county. To look at it another way, the people of another county might be "insulted" by your suggestion…

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I respect all positions taken by the council. However, the money different figures mentioned are chicken feed compared to the positive benefit of the "arson" trailer. The very existence of that trailer and the pro-active arson detection it will support should act as a deterrent …

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Praise well earned !! Thank you, Senator Larry Taylor!!
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Thanks, Stephen. Charming and touching story on several levels.
Maybe I was reading too much into it, but your reference to Pancho Villa rings a contemporary bell, with so many folks fleeing revolutions and similar unrest in Central America.
Hey....Only in America!!
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Kudos to Ms. Mainwaring (SP?) for her labor of love.
And...there's a lesson for many people in this story. The reason heirs often bicker about inherited property is sometimes that the deceased owner did not leave a will with sufficient instructions or anticipation that property taxes w…