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As a developer waits with his multimillion-dollar project stalled and expenses mounting, two agencies involved in maintaining the seawall are disputing which had responsibility to issue a permit for construction near the storm-surge barrier.

A long-running lawsuit brought by a former justice administrator against the county could continue for another year after the county appealed a recent court decision ruling it lacked authority to fire the employee. 

The state’s education agency announced Tuesday that more than 300 school districts — including all in Galveston County — will qualify for $174…

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Hi Susan and Don,

Thanks for reading. This is Marissa, the author of the article. Yes, a combination of federal grants (the primary source), a private grant and some local funding paid for the construction of those improvements referenced. The maintenance of those projects is being pa…


Hi Jarvis,

To answer your Q, Councilwoman Cole was out of the country. She video dialed in for part of the meeting, but was not connected during that vote.


Hi Charlotte,

Sure, in this link you'll find some of the proposed revisions, as well as the planning and other groups recommendations/comments on the rules. I think it's the most readable version of the proposed changes. The city compiled it to cross reference with the Chamber of Comme…


Good question, Melody. I'm not sure on whether new garage apartments would be permitted. There's a proposal out there regarding additional "dwelling units" as I think they're called in the zoning rules, but I don't know the details well enough to say right now. I'll find out and ge…


Should also add for clarity: the new proposal prohibiting duplexes in historic districts does not include any sort of special variance to allow a duplex under certain conditions. It is an outright ban.


Hi all,

I'm the reporter who wrote this story and just wanted to clarify something that I think I didn't spell out well enough in the article.

Per the zoning department:

In the 2015 zoning changes, new multi-family units were prohibited in historic districts (at that time…


Hi Bill,

The test was received Sept. 6, the blood work was taken shortly after the crash.

Best, Marissa


Thanks, Jose'. I had the wrong figure. I will get it corrected. We regret the error.



Hi Gary,

Marissa here from The Daily News. I've put these questions out to our local lawmakers. I don't have a response yet, but we will get something in the paper ASAP.

As always, thanks for reading. Best,


Hi Gary and Mark, Marissa here from The Daily News. On Friday, I asked our local lawmakers (who supported this law) to weigh in on whether people affected by Hurricane Harvey should be forced to adhere to this requirement in order to receive relief funds. I don't have responses yet, but we w…