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mainlandlass commented on Who's really controlling who?

Does this newspaper have any contributors with a conservative point of view? Enough of the bilge from the left.

Let's have a conversation about liberalism being a mental disease that when left untreated, people like Obama & Bilary Clinton get elected.

Shigellosis is prevalent in third world countries & highly contagious. It's very likely that the influx of illegals in our schools are bringing their third world diseases with them. Wouldn't be the first time, if you think about the epidemic of measles & whooping cough cases in oth…

Another mentally diseased liberal with no logic...

In today's climate where police are being targeted for death by crazies incited by a certain group, who I won't name because they should never receive publicity, this is a provocative action by Turner. I hope the police find cause to throw this pos under the jail.

Move On is an organization founded by billionare George Soros, a radical leftist who wants to destroy America. He came to the U.S. after being kicked out & banned for life from France for bringing down their banking system.

Soros is the money behind the Ferguson protests, the Occu…

Did I miss it? How much did the fish weigh & how long was it?

Here's an excellent example as to why litigants of frivolous lawsuits should have to pay opposing attorney's fees & court costs if they lose. And if they can't pay, then their welfare benefits, or any income they may have, will be reduced accordingly until the debt is paid.

Have any of you read about or heard of the state of medical care in Europe under socialized medicine? That's where we're going with this. When the government controls your health care, they control your life, which is exactly what Obama had in mind.

Why wasn't he given life without parole? Pedophiles are known to offend well into their 80's, so hopefully the prison inmates will take care of this of this animal.