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Great article TJ. Keep up the good work. Keep reporting as you see it.

magpie commented on LMISD had questions answered

Amen jbgood

Thanks Mr. jbgood . He has worked very hard to help the kids from LMISD. I'm very proud of my son that he will not give up the fight to help the kids. Keep up the good work.

jbgood you are so right its about money and not the kids.

AMEN, AMEN Mr.jbgood. Have a Bless Day.

Mr. Leonard TPayne I agree with you 100% . Lets give credit where credit is due (The Building Standards Board Members and Ms. Anna Timms. Have a Bless Day .

A BIG AMEN ! to Ms. Anna Timms and the Building and Standards Board Thank You for all of your hard work. Ms. Timms and the board has been working on these properties for over two years. God Bless each and everyone that help to clean our city up.

jbgood you keep talking about God without him we have nothing. Keep up the good job. GOD BLESS

AMEN to all who posted this morning and to Mrs. Jeffcoat for her letter. I agree 100% we need Mr. Osteen. He is doing a GREATJOB. Go and vote Saturday May 10, 2014.

magpie commented on LMISD: What do we do now?

TJ Great Job on your article. Keep up the good work.