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I love my wife. I have Christ in my heart I have a terminal condition unless I receive a double lung-transplant soon. I am a very blessed man



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Galveston County, Texas



Reading, Photography, Research History

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Moderate Open Minded, as in will listen to all sides before making a decision

Religious views


Favorite music

I appreciate all types of music, so my mood influences my chose most times.

Favorite TV shows

* Modern Family * Last Resort *Homeland * Dexter * Boardwalk *Meet the Press

Favorite movies

* All Quiet On The Western Front (1930) * Star Wars * Annie Hall * Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) * Midnight in Paris * The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Favorite books

* The Bible * The Art of War * The Shining * How to Win Friends and Influence People * Moby Dick * The Call of the Wild * Iliad * Lone Star: A History Of Texas And The Texans

Favorite quotes

* "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." * The Golden Rule * "You can't raise hell, if you're not prepared for the next hurricane." * "Are you prepared for the Tropical Terrorist, aka a Major Hurricane."

M L Fincher

Thank you for shining a light on this important county-wide historic project. Please note that only the first image shows Helen Mooty; the second is Barbara Holt of Friendswood.

M L Fincher

Hi Stan, thanks for the heads up on the possibility of a tropical development next week in the Gulf. The 10th anniversary of 2005's Rita's great threat and landfall is upon us over the next couple of days. What a birthday present I received when it turned away from Galveston County and dri…

M L Fincher

It's great when I see reporters going to the true experts like our local NWS's Science & Operations Officer, Lance Wood. Wood and his meteorologist peers have been warning of a tropical cyclones storm surge for many years to citizens that live in threatened coastal area areas such as Ga…

M L Fincher

Has anyone checked out how other States are doing this? I wonder if another State has a better plan? Just curious.

M L Fincher

My hat is off to the Planners of the upcoming conference. It's refreshing to see such drive in keeping such an important subject in the forefront. In a quiet Hurricane Season such as this year's, apathy has dug in hard for much of the Gulf Coast; which is expected, as the last major hurric…

M L Fincher

Nice posting as usual Stan.

M L Fincher

M L Fincher commented on Coastal barriers focus of meeting

I'm just curious to find out what will take place at this meeting that will be different from so many of the other meetings on this subject. Will it be more rehashing of the same discussions before, or will new data and information be submitted... and find a route to a conclusion / decision…

M L Fincher

I live in Friendswood, and I see many having a wonderful time in the golf carts in my neighborhood. My wife and I have thought of buying one as well, especially as I am disabled and it would help me get around easier just for a quick ride to visit a neighbor. Could you tell what the city's…

M L Fincher

Hopefully the Elissa has been enjoying nice breezes to fill its sails this week as it leaves Her port at the Texas Seaport Museum and moves out into the Gulf again. I hope to see you aboard Friday afternoon. Forecast us fair wind and calm seas, that's all we ask.

M L Fincher

Thanks Stan!