Lyra Mitchell

I’m sure they couldn’t determine what was life threatening at the scene. He struck a light pole and likely had a head injury. Thank God the office is well!

The problem with setting a single time for all schools is that they have different start times. I suppose they could just extend the window to cover all the schools’ times, but I doubt that would ease congestion.

The district does have plans to improve the traffic flow in the works.

Our family’s favorite commercial is Subaru. A couple is traveling the Pacific trail and encounter a blind man to show them the way. He eventually tells them, “If you listen closely, you hear the whales.”

This is the cue for my son to insert fart noises.

The Lexile measure indicating many students are reading below level is indeed troubling, but what is more troubling is that the instrument used to measure this is inappropriately leveled. Multiple university studies have shown that the assessment itself has been vetted with readability formu…

Unfortunately, the school’s position cannot be adequately shared due to privacy laws. Too often, articles with grievances against schools only discuss one biased side. The articles typically rely on their words without any verification from their peers.

I can’t say who is right when it…

Is this the community didn’t want the Palamino street extension to come near their quiet community?

I prefer Whataburger over White Castle. Is there a White Castle in Texas? Why Ted?

Mark did not want to provide his last name since it's McSketchy. McSketchy Casino and Maritime, Trust Us.

Lyra Mitchell commented on League City approves sand pit on FM 517

Please update the map to the correct location, or correct the story.

When asked about the money she said "talk to Jesus".