Larry Grissom

You want LARGE voter turnout out?

Try bringing Critical Race Theory into the school system. Trust me, voters will turn out to stop that from becoming reality.

Unsanctioned event? I don’t care what color your skin is, in any town your going to be patrolled if you refuse to abide by the rules of that town.

Sounds like the Slab car participants thought they were above the law.

Egged on perhaps by the Malcomb X wanna be?


GA is right and Texas WILL follow suit. Those who don’t like it? Move back to California or wherever your from.

Don’t like it? Texas has the RIGHT to split into 5 States, which adds enough Senate and House members to take control back from the tax and spend dimmocrats.

Lololololol. Are you serious?

What a load of bull

That scorched earth comment CAME from the Democrats when President Trump was doing his best to save this country. Now? Much higher gas prices, open borders with no Covid testing....the list goes on and on. Follow the facts people. Not this blowhards opinion filte…

Please don’t perpetuate the species

The Cowardice began long before the vote on impeachment

Biden has not been tied to his sons criminal activity? I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Ignorance at its finest.

Actually it’s not always a heart breaking choice. I met a woman who had 16. For her? My tax dollars supported her choice of birth control. Full term babies ? Deserve to live.

If low income woman need access to abortion due to poor choices or accidents? Use my tax dollars to give the…

Trump 2020 so even the uneducated Biden voters can live a better life because in 47 years? Biden did NOTHING for us but now we are supposed to believe he’s really going to work THIS TIME. LOLOLOL