Larry Grissom

Are YOU a BOI? If not? The downtown events were here when you moved here. Don’t like it? That’s your problem if you chose to move here.

Well said. He’s using a tragedy to attempt to bend the populace to his desires.

Anyone who does that is not fit to hold public office. We’ve seen enough of that across the US recently to last a lifetime.

Dr Fauci has been discredited by anyone interested in facts.

No. Your looking to further your political weight by showing your bias against the events on the island you, and apparently your supporters, don’t like. It’s all right there in your verbiage

Unless you BOI? Those events were here before you moved here.

I’ve never read anything so lacking in facts in my life.

If anyone is actually interested in the facts regarding what the President has done for this country? Go to the White House web site.

The Democrat who wrote this wasn’t interested in facts. He simply wanted to spew his i…

6 mo this, half a year away, is longer than a short few months.

Just as many things changed since January, lots can happen in the next 6 months.

Many businesses count on the festivals and I think caution in causing harm to them should be taken into account. We can wait a coupl…

Did your Mother drop you on your head?

This is the craziest thing I’ve heard lately.

They would still come but would park in our neighborhoods. Since I live in one of those neighborhoods? THAT would infuriate me.

As for tourist not paying for maintenance? Have you bother…

Because residents aren’t infected ?

No. We can deal with it to keep everyone safe.

Thank you. If someone wants exercise? Take a walk around Galveston.

The problem is if you open it? They WILL come.... from Houston ect. Why take that chance? Why put the Beach Patrol at risk?

I mean come on, it us for a period of time and if you can’t find somewhere else to wa…