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STOP U-TURNS! There used to be signs everywhere that said no u turns! When did it change?

I agree. Why is this being handled by the "interim" city manager? How does this fall under city business? The city was never involved with Little League. Maybe the parks. Apparently it is in the discussion stages and according to Ms. Gillard, not ready for publication yet.

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I could do with a lot fewer Aggie jokes and sentences with 3 or 4 cliches. It does not seem very professional.

Unless the civil servant was only doing their job and the " harmed" person is just scamming everyone. Juries sometimes get things wrong.

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Tailgating? Doesn't that usually involve alcohol? This is a High School football stadium. That is asking for trouble policing and enforcing rules. They don't even sell alcoholic beverages at high school events, so why would you provide a space for consumption and hanging around? These a…

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This happened right after Ike. The city was still under curfew, so only those staying at the hotel were supposed to be out. There were so many police because they just came from a shooting near the shelter at Alamo school. The police had been working 24-7 since before the hurricane. I do…

This is so petty. Great job to the News for giving Mafrige such a prominent forum for this nonsense.

2 PM?

Most of the island is Zone A, AE. , built behind the seawall, but relatively low elevations. Many are historical, or 1950's and 1960's slab style houses that cost as much as the home itself to raise. These were all permitted and repaired and many were resold after IKE. Now anyone who purc…

No one will be able to sell a home that is even 7 inches below base flood elevation, yet most homes on the island were built before FEMA and NFIP were ever heard of. So they could see their main lifetime investment of their home be wiped out because it will be unsellable. Property tax valu…