Lisa Blair

It's ok guys. That's why very few people post here anymore. You guys are just plain mean among other things. The good conversations happen elsewhere. Enjoy each other's company!

You guys are so brilliant in your use of reverse psychology.If we continue posting the terrorists win. We should just be silent and let your Alt-Right wisdom enlighten us all.

Hey, thanks for your permission to keep posting Doyle. And you're right we do keep finding more and more uninformed people in America and a lot of them post here.

Steve Bannon is a white supremacist in the White House driving policy for the country and DJT put him there. Enough said.

Nothing like having a bunch of men decide what women can do with their own bodies. Of course, with no mention of the irresponsible men who abandon the children you all want to force a woman to bear against her wishes. Take care of your own bodies and let women make their own choices.

Well that was a waste of newsprint.

Connie, it's really rich for someone with your personal history to criticize anyone for making inflammatory remarks.Hillary apologized. Did you?

You should apply for a job with the Trump Ministry of Propaganda. I think you're well qualified. 😊

Carlos, the article is saying that CONSERVATIVES should not push back with derision and mockery. You know, like Don does. Constantly using the most inflammatory name calling he can muster as opposed to arguing with facts. That's why you and I aren't friends anymore Don.

The Women's March on Washington could be a precursor of things to come. Conservatives should prepare to push back against their agenda, not with derision and mockery, but with facts and solid arguments. Think about what happened in all of the cities that Saturday after the inauguration. Unli…