Lisa Gray

When I got to the statement " He aligns himself with white militias", I realized that Ms Jones is just another in a long line of people with such irrational hate of a President, who in the opinion of half the county, has been wildly successful. I note that there are quite a few personal a…

Wow. I did not expect personal insults from you. You are better than that. You talk about being an adult? Pot meet kettle.

Wonder how the writer of this article would describe the “protesters” who have caused billions in property damage as well as loss of life? I’ll bet the Burning, Looting and Murdering crowd would get a pass.

I can’t laugh enough at this headline. I hope the media will eventually realize how many people they have completely turned off.

Wow, such a loving and tolerant statement. Aren't you just a sweet human being. Bless your precious heart!

Exactly Carlos. Why would the left even care if they didn't think any of the "conspiracy theories" were true? I am not saying i believe any of it but If you aren't a pedo or kidnapper, then you have nothing to worry about

Bailey, you prove the point daily of how " tolerant, compassionate and inclusive" the left is. The hateful rhetoric you espouse would not be tolerated coming from someone on the right. Oh the hypocrisy

Bailey, it is evident that you are eaten up by Trump hate. You cannot even see straight you hate him so much. I hope that one day, you can appreciate what good he has done for our country. I doubt that you ever will though. Sad

I am familiar with Q and their beliefs. If they are so ridiculous as this writer states, why be so worried about what they are saying? If there is the tiniest bit of truth to their mission, I would rather err on the side of the victims. It seems to me, since there is NO integrity in journ…

My Santa Fe HS band classmates and I would frequent this restaurant. It was so much fun for us to see some of our upperclassmen play there. Music, dancing and the food was good! Haven't thought about that place in years!