David Smith

Speaking of national debt.. Google says it was 6 trillion in 2008 .....

And you're correct..... 2016 it was 16 trillion..

Gee how did that happen?

It wasnt Randy Weber...... hes not in charge of the National debt....

It all falls back to the second worse President …

What I posted Bailey went right over your head .. no surprise there.

Per usual the discussion was between two others and you felt the need to intercede..

Just for you Gary.. since you COULDNT fade the heat on Facebook..

Go astros

None of us were there Gary.. but the cameras were.. typical demtard. Thinking.. next thing you' know ..you'll tell us the borders closed..

But it's ok to be a BLACK congressional policeman and MURDER A WHITE female veteran in cold blood wit NO Repucussion.. He felt threatened by her .357

Protest sign.. Put the blunt down Joe

We fostered a high risk dog from Garc..

He was a young husky full of energy..

I told them when I got him I was not interested in keeping him.. but I would foster him while I looked for a home for Him.

I found him a great home .. with other Huskies..

I called Garc a…

Wa e ?

Term limits

Thanks for your testimony l