Leonard T. Payne

Our City Management, Mayor/Council think they are immune from prosecution.

Time will tell.

The Mayor was parked a short distance away last Thursday afternoon watching Mr. Rumsburg and his crew repair the leaking Motco line. (He gave them a thumbs up and left.)

Later he called a friend of mine on his cell phone, telling him to call (his friend me,) to tell me, that they ha…

Trying to outdo the City of La Marque Management.

Tax payers got them covered.

The City of La Marque is like a crippled aircraft in a downward spiral, soon it will crash.

There were those that thought it couldn't happen to our once great LMISD.

Where is our great LMISD now.?

West Texas City was once La Marque.

Do I see an Ea…

Friday February 3, 2017

24hrs. later.

2:30pm only 4ft of water in valve box.

HELL NO they didn't fix it.

Typical results from the City of La Marque Utility Dept.

I think management needs another $1,000.00 a month raise.

It doesn't appear to be capped, they removed the meter and extended a piece of 8 inch PVC pipe connecting the line together continuing the water flow to Motco.
at least it's not spraying water everywhere.
I will check in a little while and see if it leaked overnight.

They have finished I guess, less than 3 hrs. amazing work.
Maybe Mr. Rumsburg will share his pictures he took to the Galveston County Daily News.

The City Crew is working on it right now.
Rumsburg is taking pictures of them also, he can't believe it either.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlet's see how long it takes.

They could hire a local plumber, but that would be cheaper than old money bags wants to spend, but they the City of La Marque don't hire local, they she would rather hire outside help.

Well Who`da`thunk it

They pumped it out and left already, not 20 minutes.

Maybe they will come back on Saturday, so they can claim overtime.