Lena Gilley

Another 20 years ! All bays will be closed , due to pollution ! Sad

Wonder if they were part of cook off team ? At League City Music Festival! They don’t let but a few select people drive them ATV’s in there! Most of them drive to crazy or 2 fast back where cookoff teams are!

It has always been the Wild West over at San Leon and Bacliff!

This has been happening a long long time! Graduated 1983! Someone I knew was dating a high school teacher! Did not find out till after graduation! I was a little shocked at the time! Guess now with social media , teachers getting caught

People need to quit relying on the Government! To fix everything

League City keeps issuing out building permits! There motto fill every last open green space there is! Schools can’t keep up ! Roads etc etc . Think we have enough new subdivisions! Can’t wait to sell my home! Get the hell out of dodge!

I agree let the good eggs stay , but it does need to be cleaned up.

Bet those residents in Victory Lakes, love that crime that Walmart brought to their neighborhood. Like they were saying when they built that Walmart! Says one suspect was caught in Victory Lakes

What about Bridgett Gearen! Brutally raped and killed! What happening with that case? Galveston county law inforcement has a hard time solving any cases! Oh I take that back . They did solve that case with Crystal Baker. Or shall I say DNA solved it

Happens all time! More common than u think!