Leigh Cowart

Leigh Cowart commented on Government shutdown is just bad theater


People have such short memories...

I would like to see Trump successful on this issue. The Democrats are the grandstanders by not coming to the table. Sickening.

And the financial end? The bank....no information on that? This just boggles the mind. And we paid over 10 grand for WHAT? There is still not enough information here...

That's when the ticket book should come out!

How is it possible with today's social media that this incident is still without an arrest???
What is going on with the investigation? Can we get an update?? Thanks in advance.

What are they thinking? This behavior should have been nipped in the bud when the practice first started!! There shouldn't be ANY discussion. Throw down an ordinance NOW, post it...DONE!! Would your Momma have put up with that?

"Most of us, tired of the flooding...."

Timeout? Meanwhile County property continues to hold water and have drainage issues. At least Ken Clark wants to move forward and just maybe will be the lightning rod the Commissioners Court needs to get started on cleaning and clearing our watersheds and bayous. I think most of use are tir…

I'm disappointed that the council people that live in the neighborhood were allowed to vote. They should have recused themselves, imo.

It was dark the other night and raining...I pulled up to the light at tge seawall and almost hit a young girl on her bike.!! She was crossing the intersection while having a wait signal....she had no lights on her cycle and was wearing dark clothing. I didn't see her until she was at my fend…

Yes....all should be published... continue the practice. I enjoy looking at them and there's a story behind each one!