George Laiacona

It’s a sad day when people think they have to use politics to make a very small local decision as just who should be our next mayor. Can’t they see that politics is a smut filled trepidation. Just by the very mention of biased opinions makes our local another separation of Americans just …

Carlos, what has Trump done in the last three years but keep labor at bay by continuing the past efforts of the Republicans to keep American Labor down on the poverty level. There have been no infrastructure legislation that would surly help American Labor survive this Chinese Virus epide…

Robert evidently you have not taken the time over the years to see that the Republicans have taken steps to suppress the minority vote. Their efforts for this particular election have failed. But you can best believe that they will try much different tactics in the next election.

For those of us over 65 mail in ballots have been able to allow us to vote safely in every election. And for those of you who take this Chinese Virus seriously, you have a safe way of participating in our democracy.

Just goes to show you just how many naive voters we have in America. Do they really think he is a peoples President?

I would recommend any birding book to Island residents because for the past 21 years I have lived on the island, I have witnessed many species of the feathered friends. This year we have witnessed Rummers and Blue Jay’s defending their feeding territories right here in our wards on Broadway.

Do you see that to commentate Veterans Day, Trump’s Lawyers have filed a suit in Pennsylvania attempting to throw out Military mail in ballots.

It’s time to get real, the normal/legal election process is over. The Trump team lost. Get over it losers and move on. I’ll bet that in four years the Republicans will have a different character to run against President Biden

What’s Trump doing today concerning our Veterans?

Take a closer look at the voting statistics of any of our heavily populated cities. You will see that none of them vote together. Just because there is a heavy population doesn’t mean that they all vote the same way. We have been in a position to eliminate the Horse and buggy days, and ma…