Kimberly Klepcyk

Own a home in Houston and in Galveston. People are staying in as a result of the rising number of cases. I question whether the lack of visitors in Galveston is a result of the July 4 beach closure or just Texans deciding to stay at home whenever possible as officials have asked. As someo…

Will definitely remember which businesses were concerned with the health and good for all. The closures were based on minimizing the spread to the community. It's not just about putting yourself at risk. So tired of people asserting that they have a right to put others in harm's way. Ther…

Thank you to Mr Davis and his staff. As the mother of two nurses putting themselves at risk to fight the virus, I especially appreciate your efforts. By practicing some temporary restraint, we can save lives and minimize the risks to others.

The cost for his golf outings alone through October of last year had cost taxpayers more than $109 million or more than 250 times his Presidential salary. He and his entire family are profiting off of his Presidency at the taxpayers expense. Only members of his Cult45 still believe this “…

I am certain that a public airing of your judgment will resolve the issue.

Wow! Mr. Cochrane, dealing with a family member with severe mental illness is stressful enough without community members who don’t know the struggle to sit in judgement of them. You should be ashamed of what you’ve written here. It was thoughtless and uncalled for.

Interesting. I saw it as her reporting the facts. The President has shut down the government instead of using the usual appropriations process. It’s unprecedented. Too bad sycophants don’t allow themselves to see clearly.

Monday’s downtown drivers included a group of “joy riders” gawking at the flooding, driving at high speeds and driving around barricades. Unfortunately, no officers were around to warn or ticket them.

Always jumping on a chance to demonize Nancy Pelosi. Tiresome. Address the issue at hand without the name calling, and you may find that you are taken more seriously.

This type of "go to" political response, ie "just like Nancy Pelosi' is exactly what Americans are sick to death of. And, why Beto will best Cruz in November. The youth vote will cause a seismic shift in American politics in November.