Dede Edwards

Move them thru the court system faster. There is no reason for someone arrested and put in county to wait 3 to 6 months before going to Court. Also, stop with the continuations. Continuation after continuation after continuation. It should not take 6 months to get a lab report back. …

I agree. $10.00 for a day pass is too much to use a port a potty. Double the cost? Put in running water and sewer. Where are the stores and bait camps at? If the City wants to double the charge, they should offer more amenities out there.

All the crimes in Galveston County should be solved. After all this county really has some great detectives out there, or so they think. Thoughts and prayers go out to all families involved here. Terrible accident.

Now the Quanell X comment I agree with. Except you forgot to put in that he is the racist.


It is also opposite of what you said. If Trayvon had stayed home that night instead of walking around at crazy hours then a "17 year old young man would be alive home with his folks."

Pay the fine and the $5.00 parking fee. You should be fired for using your title to get out of the fine. You didn't see the sign. Okay, get an eye exam and new glasses while you are paying your fine.