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I am certain that a public airing of your judgment will resolve the issue.

Wow! Mr. Cochrane, dealing with a family member with severe mental illness is stressful enough without community members who don’t know the struggle to sit in judgement of them. You should be ashamed of what you’ve written here. It was thoughtless and uncalled for.

Interesting. I saw it as her reporting the facts. The President has shut down the government instead of using the usual appropriations process. It’s unprecedented. Too bad sycophants don’t allow themselves to see clearly.

Monday’s downtown drivers included a group of “joy riders” gawking at the flooding, driving at high speeds and driving around barricades. Unfortunately, no officers were around to warn or ticket them.

Always jumping on a chance to demonize Nancy Pelosi. Tiresome. Address the issue at hand without the name calling, and you may find that you are taken more seriously.

This type of "go to" political response, ie "just like Nancy Pelosi' is exactly what Americans are sick to death of. And, why Beto will best Cruz in November. The youth vote will cause a seismic shift in American politics in November.

How quickly you forget Trump did not win the popular vote. The man is a con man who is fleecing our country for millions and devestating America’s standing on the world stage. This editorial is laughable as it doesn’t even begin to address the complexity of the problems we are facing with th…

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This rubbish is not even deserving of a response. Utter nonsense.

The word “group” is a collective noun. “The group is scheduled to meet” is correct with regard to subject verb agreement. One group is scheduled to meet. He does not have an error.