Keith Gray

I just came back to check if Daniels would denounce the killing of the unborn... he didn't prove me wrong. We are all with sin, but how can he stand and represent God's word and not denounce such a horrible act?

Bailey, great job of the democrats offering a suitable alternative... how bout putting efforts towards purging your party of it's unelectable trash... besides, I like my 401k now.

A whole lot of opinion for a column... and the response is as divisive as the person who wrote it.

Daniels supports the party of Satan... how can you call yourself a Christian and not denounce abortion? You conspire a man who if far from perfect, yet he get positive results, and all the party of Satan has to offer is socialist. Daniels, you never answer anyone on these forums who chall…

What a partisan farce the democrats put on. Not productive in any manner.

But he still is ALL of our's President, and will remain. AND will be reelected despite the Democrat's feeble attempts and lies.

Garbage Pope... made up in children like minds...

So what crime did President Trump commit?

Good Luck at State Hitchcock Band

So what is our President's crimes? Hurt feelings can't be more that a misdemeanor...